Here are some of the papers I have written:

Published in 2008

  • What makes a straight man … straight? A man’s journey towards him understanding the spiritual dimension of his own being underpins his getting of wisdom. That universal and progressive objective in the Men & Relationship stream is relational and it entails values affecting how men live their lives.
  • Sourcing Human Madness ‘Megalomania Normalis’ was a name Dr J L Moreno invented to describe everyday inhumanity: madness. He invented Psychodrama to address this universal social phenomenon. Sourcing Human Madness addresses questions of central importance to who shall thrive in this 21st century.

A Triology Written in 2009

Published in 2009
1. Researching the origin and nature of sexual preference: What a literature review shows (2009)
>At this beginning of the third millennium where Homo sapiens has walked on the moon we have no validated understanding of what makes people straight or gay. These three papers seek to rectify this absence. Paper 1 reviews the research literature. It shows that this research is confused and stymied. Paper 2 describes my doctoral research resolving this long-standing why gay or straight question. Paper 3 explains this long-standing confusion giving conclusions and implications. This trilogy aims to clarify two issues for counsellors and psychotherapists: (a) the origin and nature of sexual preference and (b) order, and disorder, and its implication of a universal precept underpinning rule of law.

2. Researching the origin and nature of sexual preference: Does gender of soul or gender of body’s sex determine sexual preference? (2009)
Does sexual identity with its external frame of reference (bio-sociological) or does gender identity with its internal frame of reference (psycho-social) explain sexual preference? This paper describes experimental research demonstrating a two-way cause and effect relationship between psychological gender and sexual preference. Also a test was devised to correctly name that subjective male or female gender in men and women. It shows a person’s gender identity is subjective precursor, that sexual preference is its operant and objective expression. This research answers the nature-nurture question what makes a man or woman straight or gay?

3. Researching the origin and nature of sexual preference: Nature & nurture revisited (2010)
Order — and our healing of disorder — is poorly understood by community though vital to counsellors and psychotherapists. Following Newton’s science and natural history the medical model came to dominate community, scientific and religious understandings of health with its externalised physic (knowledge of nature). A psychological origin of healing & health with an internal referent is identified here in a cause & effect healing order. This uses a validated two-factor functional model of personality (see paper 2). This explains (a) sexual preference, (b) the action of freewill in healing, and (c) how spiritual development is blocked by pragmatic coping. This shows why spiritual development is moribund in Western culture, that is, why coping and dysfunction are instead common effects of absence of free will. An enabling and unified solution is proposed to this socio-cultural malaise with its pre-empting assumptions and consequent harm.