Services Provided

Clinical Psychology Services Since 1996

I work with you, assisting you and coaching you. My work is with Individuals, Couples/Relationship and Groups. I have worked as a psychologist since 1988 and have been in private practice as a Clinical Psychologist since 1996. I work with you as a counsellor and psychotherapist using a variety of ideas, methods, practices, concepts and theories including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).  There are rebates for private health insurance depending on your level of insurance cover. Also under the Federal Government Medicare Scheme — mental health care plan (or 2710) — for which you need a GP or psychiatrist referral. Consultations are by appointment.

  • General clinical work related to stress, relationship, anger, mood, collaborative problem solving, work problems, sexual preference issues, etc;
  • Special interest in anxiety, depression, social phobia, personal and relationship break-down, narcissism, obsessive-compulsive issues, etc; recovery from dysfunction & suffering through coping; and,
  • Transforming from survivor’s coping mentality to progressively living life.

A Way to Understanding Sexual Preference

Do you, as a parent, adult, psychologist, school teacher, counsellor, wife-husband, politician et al, want to understand Healthy Personality and what this means for straight & gay men, and lesbian & straight women? What makes a healthy person straight or gay? At this site you’ll find a researched understanding of sexual preference both straight and gay.