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At this site you’ll find information explaining two Core Issues in human relations:

  1. The origin & nature of Sexual Preference. Everyone has a sexual preference, whether straight (heterosexual) or gay (homosexual). Most people are heterosexual and this majority status means that homosexuals, as a minority, can suffer from homophobia and other needless discrimination (heterosexism).
  2. The origin & nature of Order & Disorder. You, and your family-members and friends, will sometime in your life-span face anxiety, depression and/or other effects or symptoms of disorder.

More to come!

You are welcome to read what I’ve researched, found and described on this site in ‘Writings’. This work has been generated over many years. These ideas and research findings are made available to you to read and understand. Unlike an invention such as a machine, novel or play these findings cannot be copyrighted. These are instead made available to you and I hope that this will help alter your-life and others for the better.